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Date: 18th of September 2010

Location: Forum de Beyrouth

CO-Produced with play for today


Following the huge success of the band during the Beirut Rock Festival 2009, Anathema returned on September 18th 2010 as part of their "We’re here because we’re here" album tour. Vincent Cavanagh, Daniel Cavanagh, Les Smith, Jamie Cavanagh, John Douglas, and Lee Douglas showed Beirut how to rock giving them jams such "Everything", "A Simple Mistake", and "Angels Walk Among Us" as well as songs from the new album "We’re Here Because We’re Here".

Anathema are an English rock band from Liverpool.

Anathema was formed in 1990, initially under the name 'Pagan Angel'.At the beginning of 1991, the band adopted its current name.

Their latest album, We're Here Because We're Here, was released on May 31, 2010.


You can check Anathema's Photos in Beirut Rock Festival 2009